Inspection Example

What can IVI discover?


The are some examples of our inspection service. IVI apply professional equptiment and experience to assist our customer to define the vehicle's state. 






Hybrid Battery Inspection 

Self Photos / Files - example0

We found that about 30% of energy storage is available in the hybrid battery. The hybrid battery is needed to replace immediately.






Coolant System Pressurization test

Self Photos / Files - example1

After pressurization, it is found that the coolant system has a water slipping problem






Chassis Structure Inspection

Self Photos / Files - example2

Severe rust was found by our inspector. 





Mechanic Inspection

Self Photos / Files - example3

It is found that the connection between engine and gearbox has a oil slipping






Interior Inspection

Self Photos / Files - example4

It was found that the roof of the interior has slightly fallen off. It would be expanded quickly if it start to be fallen.






Engine Compartment Inspection

Self Photos / Files - example5

It is found that the turbo water pipe has a water slipping problem.






Professional Computer Diagnosis

Self Photos / Files - example6

Gearbox computer is in poor condition by car computer diagnosis.





Before buying a vehicle, a vehicle inspection is the cornerstone of protecting buyers. Our professional team is experienced and can quickly find vehicle problems. Buyers can get more comprehensive information of the vehicle, avoid losses and improve their bargaining power.