Used Car Inspection

No matter the price of the car you want to buy is high or low, it is recommended to conduct inspection to ensure that the second-hand car has no "hidden diseases" and is safe to drive. Therefore, it has been a trend in recent years to inspect the car before buying a car to ensure the buyer's rights and prevent being deceived.


Buying a second-hand car is basically to pay attention to the manufacture year of the second-hand car, number of previous owner (the number of times of changing hands), the status of mechanic, the expiration date of the license fee and whether it needs to be repaired.


Generally speaking, the lower the car age, number of hands and mileage, worth the higher car price. In addition, whether the vehicle needs to undergo an annual inspection to renew the license, and the length of the license fee are also factors that affect the price. Our vehicle inspection report will list out the information that the buyer should pay attention to.


The car advertisement on webs or Facebook marketplace are mainly divided into two categories, one is the used cars sold by the dealers' brokers; the other is the used cars sold privately. Prospective buyers with less experience are advised to exercise caution before buying a car.


There are many bad car dealers in Hong Kong. Some dealers will "make up" second-hand cars or hide the problems of it. The tricks of unscrupulous car brokers are changing with each passing day, and many brokers will pretend to be a private seller. Therefore, prospective buyers should also pay attention to whether there are the same or similar car listings in the listing of the car dealers when selecting used car listings. If so, there is a big chance that the car dealership will act as a private listing. So whether it's a purchase from a car dealer or a private seller. You should choose a neutral vehicle inspection company for pre-trade inspections.


Private sellers don't mean that they don't have "makeup" or problems. If the above-mentioned seller also purchases a second-hand car for use and does not ask a professional to inspect the vehicle in detail, there is a chance to undertake a vehicle with major safety problems without knowing it. Even private users who are familiar with the market will "make up" through special channels. Therefore, today's savvy consumers must protect their rights and interests and use the IVI intelligent Vehicle