Don’t choose these cars

The used car market is flooded with vehicles in different states. When choosing a vehicle, you should avoid the following types. The maintenance technician can restore the appearance to a state that normal buyer cannot be observed.


Therefore we suggest our customer avoid to buy the following type of cars. Our expereicened inspector would identiy the following types and report clearly.





Type 1: Online booking cars

Self Photos / Files - uber


Online car-hailing or food-delivery platforms have matured, and some car owners will earn money by driving full-time.


The utilization rate of such vehicles is much higher than that of ordinary vehicles, and they can travel 400 kilometers or more every day, so the whole vehicle parts are generally poor.


Generally, the aging problem of the parts cannot be distinguished from the car appearnace. And the probability of accidents is relatively high.



Type 2: Crashed seriously cars

Self Photos / Files - crashfix


After the vehicle has suffered a severe collision, the frame can be restored to a state that cannot be discerned by the naked eye through professional maintenance.


However, after a major accident, the metal stiffness of the frame structure will be greatly reduced. In the event of a collision, the consequences would be unimaginable. It directly affects the safety of passengers in the car.



Type 3: Flooded cars

Self Photos / Files - water-leakage3


The risk of flooded car is very high, the circuit is easy to cause short circuit and fire. The metal parts will be severely corroded.


Moreover, the humidity inside the car after flooding is very high, which often causes mold and odor, and it is difficult to cure the problem.





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