Hybrid Battery Check

I V I Intelligent Vehicle Inspection instruments can analyze the performance of hybrid battery by reading the values of the electric appliances with mixed energy and data.Therefore, it is more secure than reading the fault code of the car computer check in the general garage.



If the hybrid system fault code is forcibly cleared, the fault code will be displayed again after walking for a certain distance. Therefore, some sellers take this gap to sell the vehicles with faulty hybrid battery.



Inspection Example

Seller cleared the error codes and let us to check.

Self Photos / Files - Prius_before2

There is no fault code before our test, the seller claims that the car's hybrid battery is normal




Self Photos / Files - volt difference

I V I applied the discharge-charge hybrid battery test




We found out the voltage difference of the hybrid battery pack blocks was too large, and the resistance value was higher than the normal state. This is a clear indication of a hybrid battery failure.



Through the instrument, it is estimated that the hybrid battery state of this car is 30%. This car must be replaced with a hybrid battery, otherwise the fault code will inevitably pop up during driving in the near future.



After the our hybrid battery inspection, it was found that the seller deleted the vehicle's fault code before we inspected the car, and then walked 153 kilometers. Try to sell the vehicle with failure hybrid system before the fault code appears.



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The maintenance of hybrid vehicles is expensive. It is recommended to use our professional hybrid battery charging and discharging test before purchasing. Because the seller can deceive the buyer by temporarily eliminating the error code when the hybrid battery is about to be damaged. 



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