Terms of Use

Terms of Use


The company's service scope:

Our vehicle inspectors will use observation to check the items listed in the Vehicle Inspection Report. We will fill in different symbols, words and numbers in the report to let customers know the problem of the car. However, we cannot tell some problems that did not occur during the car inspection and road test.


We do not check for:


1. Mileage meter


2. Fuel consumption


3. Operation of the original multimedia or post-added multimedia player or CD player


4. Radio and radio reception


5. Any parts that require disassembly and assembly inspection


6. Alarm system


7. Cylinder compression pressure


8. Upper camshaft belt


9. Whether the oil pump filter has accumulated deposits


10. Raising a vehicle with air suspension


11. Vulnerabilities hidden by dirt


12. Engine valve clearance and hydraulic camshaft follower


13.Fuel storage capacity and fuel quality of sealed rotating systems


We do not disassemble and remove any components of the car, the road test will be carried out near the vehicle inspection site.


The vehicle inspection report is not a guarantee, and the relevant vehicle inspection procedures are mainly based on the observation of the external condition of the vehicle, which does not include the items that require disassembly and inspection of the vehicle. In addition, because all vehicle inspection procedures are carried out by the vehicle inspector, Intelligent Vehicle Inspection Limited cannot estimate or inform about some problems that did not occur during the road test. Our vehicle inspectors will inspect vehicles with their extensive experience and their opinions will be detailed in the vehicle inspection report.

If the customer believes that the vehicle inspection report is inaccurate, he should contact Intelligent Vehicle Inspection Limited as soon as possible and send the vehicle back for inspection before repairing. Intelligent Vehicle Inspection Limited will not undertake the procedures directly or indirectly related to the sale of automobiles, nor will it act on behalf of any party in the sale or purchase, nor will it conduct the sale, and the negligence in the sale and purchase procedure has nothing to do with us.


If the car is not roadworthy, unsafe, defective, dangerous, without a valid license plate, or if the owner or seller does not allow a vehicle inspector to inspect the vehicle for any reason, we may not be able to road test the car

Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  • Not applicable to cars 10 years old or older
  • Not applicable to cars with driving distance of 100,000 km or more
  • Not applicable to vehicles whose overall mechanical condition is found to be in poor condition during vehicle inspection
  • Not suitable for vehicles with intermittent electrical, electronic or computer failures
  • The customer needs to request a refund within two days of the vehicle inspection or before maintenance, and arrange for the car to be re-tested by the company at any time
  • The maximum refund amount cannot exceed the vehicle inspection fee paid by the customer to the company. Other expenses such as driving expenses, transportation expenses, etc. are not covered by insurance
  • No money back guarantee for potential problems or defects not detected during vehicle inspection. The customer needs to make a claim to the seller for these defects or problems, which has nothing to do with the company's vehicle inspection report.